Breaking News

When the editor of a tabloid newspaper...
uncovers the secret of a Russian actress...
Will it be love and roses?
Or madness and mayhem?
Then again...it could be a little of both.

When a Russian actress moves to town from L.A. a local tabloid newspaper, called the Breaking News, uncovers a secret she is trying desperately to hide. The capricious news staff and their quick-witted editor find themselves in over their heads as romance and mayhem ensue.

Buck Daniels, the editor of the Breaking News, walks into the boardroom. He grew this tabloid newspaper from his garage to a publicly traded company. That's when his problems began. Gathered around the boardroom table is the biggest mishmash of personalities he had ever seen. The one thing that Buck loves is diversity and he built his crew accordingly.

To his left sits Rolando, the Italian photographer, who gives a new meaning to the word narcissism. Next is T.E.S.S., a transvestite whose name is an acronym for Tough, Exotic, Sassy and Sexy, and handles all of the stories regarding the fashion world. Then there's Kellan, the journalism college graduate who is a resounding under-achiever. Followed by Candace, the beautiful, flaky, yet resourceful reporter who has a knack for getting herself into trouble. Finally, there is Ely, Buck's secretary whose attitude matches her blithe Spanish accent, which weaves through her words, making sometimes incomprehensible sentences. What a motley crew they are, but that is the charm of the Breaking News staff.

During this particular Monday morning meeting, Ely announces that the Russian Hollywood actress, Alex Vladyka had moved to West Palm, the home of the Breaking News. The question is: Why? Kellan is assigned to the story with Rolando in tow. Candace is working on a story that she would rather not reveal, but Buck warns her that she has twenty-four hours to deliver something.

The following week proves to be the most zany in Buck's career. Miss Alexa Vladyka has a secret she is trying desperately to hide. Buck finds himself and the paper caught directly in the middle and loves every minute of it. Meanwhile Candace's story uncovers a scandal at the Mayor's office, bringing Buck and Mayor into a battle of wills. One by one, the visits by the Mayor, Alexa and the Chairman of the Board, RJ Roberts, become a whirlwind of antics and mayhem.

Throw in a mouse, named Goober, who refuses to get caught, a mobster-like exterminator and a night at Pierre's Restaurant and you will have discovered a show that's as entertaining as it is comical.

Romantic comedies are always marketable. Typically female audiences love to see idealized romances, especially when there is a strong actress in the lead role. Breaking News combines the romantic and screw-ball comedy genre that has been popular since the 1940's. The story also involves a strong male role giving Breaking News an appeal to both men and women alike.

A quick-witted comedy with fast dialogue has not been done since the days of Cary Grant. The story couples slapstick, screwball and romantic drama into one seamless package promising to ensnare all the largest percentage of the movie-going audience.